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Welcome to, your guide to making money on the net. Our directory contains loads of different ways of making money online, most of which will cost you something to begin with. ranking chwilówek , tabletki na potencję , tabletki na potencję , praca przez internet This includes Business Opportunities, Games, Survey Lists, Books, Ebay, Cashback and Group Buying.

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PayPal Signup

The very best online payment system

PayPal is the most widely used online payment system and is used by the vast majority of "Paid To" sites. You must make sure that the name you registered with is exactly the same as the name registered with your bank account. This one is a must. Signup

UK Only - Our very own surveys list

Well we would say this is great because we own it. However, we do feel it is great value because it is free!!! No nonsense, no need to login, just a list a the top UK paying survey panels. This is a must if you want to earn some extra cash.

Affiliate Window Signup

Great UK Affiliate Network

After Trade Doubler, this is probably the next best affiliate network to join if you have a website in the UK, or if you intend to indulge in some network marketing using Adwords for example. They have a large amount of merchants to choose from, as you would expect which usually except you without having to go through any lengthy acceptance procedure. They have a very competitive £25 minimum payout and the payments made in a timely fashion. Overall an excellent Affiliate Network that we highly recommend joining

eCashBack Signup

UK paid to shop.

This is a good cashback site that offers a nice £2.50 signup bonus and a perfectly reasonable £20 minimum payment . They have plenty of merchants to choose from and we have received payment from them with no problems at all. Highly recommended.

Clix Galore Signup

Worldwide affiliate network

A large Worldwide affiliate network that has a huge amount of merchants to choose from. What sets this apart from the others is the ease and cheapness of its system, integrating both publishers and merchants in one account. Obviously, registering as a publisher costs nothing and you have a large amount of merchants to choose from in many different categories. If want to promote your site as a merchant most networks cost hundreds if not thousands of £ / $, ClixGalore only requires a deposit of $75. There are problems with this however, the quality of the merchants is usually quite low. In other words, from a publishers point of view, it is hard to find merchants that are offering desirable products, although they do exist. From a merchants perspective, it is difficult to get a reasonable exposure from the publishers who may choose to promote your site / product. This is still a great network, especially for the smaller site, it may however, require a little bit of work to obtain the best results.

Maximiles Signup

A must for online shoppers - UK Only

Maximiles (previously iPoints) is probably the oldest Paid to Shop site around, certainly in the UK. You can redeem your points for vouchers, goods or services from a large selection of merchants however, so you should be able to find something worth redeeming for. Another positive is the fact that some other sites offer Maximiles as rewards, such as Overall this is a tried and tested Paid to Shop site that seems to be here to stay, if you shop online at all then joining this sort of site is a must.

Mutual Points Signup

Earn points to spend at high street shops UK only

Mutual Points, as the name suggests, allows you to earn points by shopping or signing up for offers. They have a wide range of merchants so you should be able to find pretty much anything you want. You can also earn more points by receiving emails and clicking on the links, you won’t earn much by doing this alone but it helps. To qualify for a cash redemption you need 3000 points which earns you £20. If you shop online then you would be mad not to join this sort of scheme as you can really earn some good cash back.

E-gold Signup

The next best payment system

E-gold is probably the second most popular Online Payment System used by "Paid To" programmes and as such it is recommended that you get an account.

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